This course is an essential tool if you want to launch a flourishing brand. It will make you dig deeper, structure your ideas and ultimately craft a well-defined brand foundation that will be easy to buy into for your audience. You will work with acclaimed brand strategist and author Fabian Geyrhalter in this online version of his popular RESONAID® workshop, which he conducts around the world with startups and Fortune 500's alike. Fabian will ensure you are set up with a strong brand platform so that your internal and external audiences will have clarity on what your venture stands for. The results will have a ripple effect from your internal culture to marketing and sales and ultimately create a focused and authentic story your audience can believe in.
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What's Included

  • 15 Video Classes

    Each topic is explained by Fabian Geyrhalter in actionable and relatable ways that will make it easy for you to succeed and craft a strong brand foundation. It will seem so personal that you will have a great time absorbing the content. You will feel two steps ahead when swiftly turning these actionable learnings into the solid foundation for your brand.

  • 3 PDF Downloads

    An interactive PDF workbook will be your hands-on guide through the eResonaid® course. The last page will serve as a concise synopsis to be shared with your team and collaborators at the end of the course for easy implementation and adaption. Plus, you will get both of Fabian's bestselling books on brand building as free downloads at the onset of the course to aid in your brand building exercises.

  • 2 Advisory Calls

    At two points within the course, you will be invited to schedule two private 30–minute remote mentor sessions with Fabian to gain feedback and guidance on your discovery journey. These calls are completely free (a $450 value) and possible from wherever you are located. Fabian will word-smith and cement your findings into a truly unique brand foundation that you can trust in and feel confident with when going to market.

Your Key Takeaways

As part of your brand summary document

  • Your Positioning Statement

  • Your Mission Statement

  • Your Core Values

  • Your Brand Personality Suite

  • Your Points of Difference

  • Your Brand Philosophy

  • Your Brand Identity Associations

  • Your Competitor Brand Analysis

  • Your Target Audience Personas

  • Your Brand DNA


Includes: workbook, videos, 2 1-on-1 calls with Fabian, 2 ebook downloads ($170 in savings)

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Geyrhalter has conducted the Resonaid® Brand Clarity Workshop with over 100 companies, including:

  • Kaplan
  • CO-OP FS
  • Honeywell
  • Warner Brothers
  • City of Santa Monica

Sign up for the course if…

  • you are an entrepreneur launching a new company, you are on a budget, and brand thinking is important to the success of your venture

  • you are part of a startup team that seeks clarity and focus around who you are as a company, what the brand stands for and how it can be seen and described, internally and externally, in a unified manner

  • you are a marketer or brand practitioner in need of a better process to guide your company or clients to a strong brand strategy

  • you want to go fast without sacrificing a high-quality outcome

  • you need to go to market with confidence and need to connect with your customers from day one

  • you can invest 3 monthly payments of $219, but not high agency fees, into your company's creation

  • you like to have a practitioning authority on the subject as your personal guide and mentor to ensure your company's brand foundation is as strong as it can be

Don't sign up for the course if…

  • you are ok with a long, complicated, and pricey traditional agency brand building experience

  • you think you have the ample time required to wing it yourself without a proven process and expert guidance

  • your startup does not need to have a unified message and will not need to connect with customers or clients in a deep and meaningful manner from the get-go

Meet Fabian

Your coach

I am Fabian Geyrhalter, a brand strategist, mentor, author, educator, and speaker. After successfully running a brand agency for 12 years working with large and small organizations alike I decided to focus on my passion for helping businesses get off the ground the right way. I wrote two bestselling books on my theory and process and led over 100 private workshops around the world crafting the brand foundation for startups and new offerings of existing organizations. I have seen such amazing results of distilling this brand strategy work, that would usually cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months with a traditional agency, into a one day intensive that I currently charge my clients $10,000 for. Still, not every entrepreneur can afford the price tag or can meet with me in person. For those, I have created this online intensive at a fraction of the cost. I am thrilled to start working with you to get your brand off the ground the best way possible. Let's get started!

Fabian Geyrhalter

Founder and Principal of FINIEN

Fabian Geyrhalter


Includes: workbook, videos, 2 1on1 calls with Fabian, 2 ebook downloads ($170 in savings)

Sign up today for $949

Easily follow all exercises with your interactive PDF

Download your brand workbook

At the end of this course, you will have your brand defined on a few organized and powerful pages, ready to be shared with your team. It will define everything from your positioning, company culture to sales and marketing. You likely have a business plan, but that does not answer these crucial questions. The brand platform represents the soul and voice of your company, for once humanized and solidified. It will be your, your team's and collaborators' brand bible and it will be referenced on a daily basis.

2 books Included with your course

Get these two ebooks as free downloads

Both are #1 Amazon bestsellers written by your teacher, guide and branding authority, Fabian Geyrhalter. Bigger Than This is a quick read about the deceptively difficult task of turning your venture into an admired brand. How to Launch a Brand is your comprehensive guide to launching a brand: from positioning to naming and brand Identity. Both books will assist you along the journey to create the best version of your brand.

2 free 1-on-1 advisory calls with Fabian

Available to all eResonaid participants

Despite this being an online intensive, you will be able to connect with Fabian on personal 1-on-1 advisory calls twice during the course so that he can make sure your work will lead you to successfully meeting your audience. That alone is a $450 value. This personal guidance will be invaluable to you as you will get re-assurance and peace of mind that you are on-track to craft the most successful and succinct brand foundation. Or, he may suggest a brand positioning pivot. Regardless of how your calls with Fabian will go, it will leave a big impact on your business trajectory.

Geyrhalter's thoughts on branding have been featured in these publications:

  • Entrepreneur
  • HuffPost
  • INC
  • Buzzfeed

Resonaid Workshop – Select Client Testimonials

“Over the years I’ve gone through similar processes, but found Fabian's to be the most efficient and successful. You could not find a better collaborator on your branding needs.”

“We really enjoyed the workshop and found it massively beneficial.”

“We enjoyed the workshop – it’s a great exercise. We have the same brand messaging poster as a result up in the office to this day.”

“It was like seeing my company with glasses on for the first time. It created focus and clarity.”

“The first thing I do when people come to my office is show them our brand board. Years later, I still refer to it for myself and partners who work with us. It’s something tangible to guide us.”

“Words are important. People and businesses grow into those words and the objectives you set. We created exactly what we wanted to create. People know and recognize our business now. ”


  • Are there any prerequisites to taking the course?

    There are no prerequisites from you since you already have your business idea and that's all you need at this stage. It may be in the form of a full-fledged business plan or simply an idea with bullet points sketched out on a napkin. As long as you feel really strong about your idea and dedicated to building that business, you can jump right into the course as it will help lay down foundational elements while digging deep into the 'why' and the 'how' of your soon-to-be brand.

  • How long does the course take?

    The course is completely at your pace. You are able to finish it in less than a day, but you may take a week or longer. It is completely up to your circumstances.

  • How do I know that I am creating a strong brand foundation working on this solo?

    Despite the guidance and process I provide you with through the video classes, you also have the opportunity to pause and schedule a call with me half-way through the course where I ensure your work has been done in the most impactful and differentiating way possible. At the very end of the course we can hop on another call to review the entire brand document you created and we will fine-tune it together before you start to share and implement the strategy.

  • Can we do the course as a team (or even with my client)?

    Yes, you can. You are the sole owner of your log-in credentials, but you can hover around a screen and go through it as a team. Past participants have used shared screen video calls and used a Google document to brainstorm before the leader of the team used the course PDF to insert the fine-tuned consensus of the team. I highly recommend doing it together with your Co-founder or teammates, but I would refrain from larger groups. 2-6 is usually a good number of collaborators to make this course a success.

  • How will I receive my brand platform document?

    You will be provided with an interactive PDF workbook. Your brand platform synopsis will be generated automatically with your key thoughts as you work your way through the course, so after the final exercise you will have the most crucial brand points on a single page, ready to be shared with your team and collaborators.

  • What if I enjoy the online course, but change my mind and feel that I would be much more successful doing it 1-on-1 with Fabian instead?

    If at any point you get cold feet and need more guidance from myself than the two calls, no worries. You and I can discuss over one of your free calls and we can schedule a private in-person workshop session and I discount the eResonaid cost ($949) towards the in-person workshop ($10,000 in Greater Los Angeles, $11,000 anywhere else or over weekends and holidays).

  • I am running an incubator (or accelerator) or am teaching an entrepreneurship or brand course at an educational institution. Can I get a discount using your course in this setting?

    For organizations that enroll a batch of 5 or more students at a time I grant a 50% group discount ($325 per enrolled student, per course). Reach out to me directly via to discuss your situation and to generate the discount codes. If you enroll more than 20 students, I am also happy to come to your organization for a Q&A, a lunch & learn or a speech to create added value (travel expenses excluded).

Reviews of eResonaid

Juan Monge

“This course walks you through the complicated process of building your brand's DNA in a simple and highly effective manner. It was the perfect opportunity for my team and I to generate, merge and evolve the many ideas we were struggling to convey....”

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“This course walks you through the complicated process of building your brand's DNA in a simple and highly effective manner. It was the perfect opportunity for my team and I to generate, merge and evolve the many ideas we were struggling to convey. Definitely a highly recommended investment for early-stage startups, or even so, on-the-go businesses.”

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Melinda Livsey

“As a brand strategist, I found this course not only helpful for refining my strategy framework, but for implementing in my own business. The process was clear, streamlined, and easy to follow. If you take this course you’ll be able to uncover ever...”

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“As a brand strategist, I found this course not only helpful for refining my strategy framework, but for implementing in my own business. The process was clear, streamlined, and easy to follow. If you take this course you’ll be able to uncover every part of a brand’s DNA in order to create the foundation that all brand identity, messaging, and marketing is built upon. This is a must for any brand strategist or brand identity designer struggling to come up with their own brand strategy process. You’ll be able to start using it immediately minus a huge learning curve.”

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Includes: workbook, videos, 2 1on1 calls with Fabian, 2 ebook downloads ($170 in savings)

Sign up today for $949